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Max Data Recovery Software - Recover Damaged CD DVD Floppy Disk Diskette Files

Max Data Recovery is an easy-to-use and effective data recovery software for damaged CDs, DVDs, floppy disks (diskettes), and other storage media. With Max Data Recovery, you can quickly and easily recover corrupted, unopenable, or unreadable files. It supports recovering all types of files like documents (including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), applications, videos, music files, images, etc. Max Data Recovery uses an advanced data recovery algorithm and has an intuitive user interface.

Max Data Recovery Features:
  • Effective data recovery software;
  • Recover damaged CD, DVD, floppie disk;
  • Recover files in just 3 easy steps;
  • Advanced data recovery algorithm;
  • Corrupted, unopenable or unreadable files recovery;
  • Supports recovering all types of files;
  • Supports most kinds of storage media recovery: CDs (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW), DVDs (DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM), floppy disks (diskettes);
  • Two recovery modes: Max Data and Max Speed;
  • Detailed statistics.
System Requirement:
OS: Windows Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
32MB RAM, 5MB Free Hard Disk Space.

Max Data Recovery Awards:
4,5 Star Rating at! - recover damaged cd   5 Stars at! - data recovery software   5 Star Rating at! - data recovery program   Editor's Pick Award at! - recover damaged dvd

What Users Say?
"Great product! It recovered MOST of my documents from a corrupted floppy...I had written them off! I ran the demo, ensured the documents were there are readable, and then purchased the key. It is the most affordable program I've found!"  Anchasta.

"I want to you to know that your data recovery software has saved me thousands of hours of work: I have the data from 10+ years of genealogy research backed up to nine floppy disks. My hard drive recently crashed and I had to restore my operating system, etc. from scratch. With my nine floppy disks of genealogy research data in hand, I proceeded to restore my backup via my genealogy software. The program couldn't read diskette #9 (of course!). I was in a panic. Over 10 years of research on these disks and I can't restore it!! I purchased your Max Data Recovery application and was able to recover the data off the corrupted diskette. Voila!! Easy as can be. Thank you for a great product. You saved me!!"  Ron.

"Thank you very much! With your very nice Max Data Recovery software, I can recover all my corrupted files from damaged cd-rw."  Justin Cale.

"Your software really easy to use and the price is unbeatable. Thanks!"  Christer.

"If you have a valuable CD, DVD or other storage media that has damaged and you think you have lost all the information which was stored in, maybe you are wrong. Max Data Recovery can save your data from the disaster. Make Max Data Recovery a must have program in your computer."

"I use Max Data Recovery since version 1.4 and I like this program because it the best tool to recover the files from damaged cd."  Salem Almesmary.

"I tried out the trial version of the program and it worked, so I bought the full version."  Mark Winterton.

"Your software is very well designed and has been helpful in recovering a damaged disk. The evaluation version showed a 97% recovery."  Pushpa Ananth.

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