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Max File Encryption - Best File Encryption Software - Steganography Software

Max File Encryption is a powerful yet easy-to-use encryption & steganography software that will help you protect your confidential information. With Max File Encryption, you can encrypt files of any type (including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents), hide files and also create self-decrypting packages. The program uses the strong and ultra-secure Blowfish encryption algorithm that ensures your data safety.

Download free trial version of Max File Encryption  Download Now! (1.09 Mb)

Max File Encryption allows you to put your files into self-decrypting packages. To decrypt files, you or your recipient simply run such an executable package on any Windows PC and are prompted for the correct password (no need to install special encryption software). It is very useful for transferring important information by email or on physical devices.

The best protection from a hacker is the absence of the target to attack. There is a method called steganography. It allows you to hide your data inside digital images, audio and video files. Media files continue to work as usual and there is no evidence of the secure info they contain. Use Max File Encryption's steganography mode for maximum safety.

Max File Encryption - is your File Encryption Software

George Norman, - "Very easily encrypt the files you want to remain private and very easily decrypt the files when you want to access them."

The main features of Max File Encryption:
  • Powerful file encryption software.
  • Strong Blowfish encryption algorithm.
  • Create self-decrypting packages.
  • Support for steganography.
  • Support for large files (4Gb and more).
  • Support for files of any type.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
Max File Encryption Awards:
Software.Informer Editor's pick award Excellent award at Max File Encryption received the 5 Stars Rating at Max File Encryption received the 5 Stars Rating at Max File Encryption received the 5 Stars Rating at Max File Encryption received the 5 Stars Rating at

What Users Say?
"I purchased Max File Encryption because I think it's the best encryption software for Windows." Robert Anderson.

"Easy to install, easy to use. Best thing is the files can be opened by anyone on any pc (with the correct password, of course!). Compared to similar programs, this one is clear and concise and works well." David Pikett.

"Max File Encryption follows the simple style of softeza software product. While the high level encryption keeps your files secure and away from being intercepted. It uses the secure Blowfish encryption algorithm to encrypt the files. This encryption software is also very convenient, it creates self-decrypting packages for your information that will auto decrypt after your recipients receiving; and supports the steganography." Editor's Review from

"If you dont want others to be able to access your files, its no good hiding them and hoping the files wont be found. The safe, the proper way to go about it is to encrypt and password protect the files you want to keep for yourself. You can very easily do this with Max File Encryption. The application makes it very simple to encrypt and decrypt files... Full Review & Quick Look Video by George Norman at - Easily Encrypt and Decrypt Files

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